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Five Star Review for Walker Real Estate: The Bacons

June 22, 2018 | By Aaron Keeton

Meet the Bacons. We have had a long relationship with this awesome family that spans over a decade! Way back in 2009, they were stationed at Fort Leonard Wood and decided to build a house. They met with Johna and walked through an up-and-coming neighborhood called Taylor Hills. They watched their house being built from the ground up and got to choose every last detail. They moved in once it was ready and enjoyed their house for about a year before they got orders and had to PCS again. Not fun! 

When their orders came in, they decided that the best thing for them to do was to rent because they knew that they would probably be coming back the area at some point in time. Rather than try to manage their rental themselves, they hired Walker Rentals to find a tenant and manage the property. For the next 8 years, their house stayed rented and Walker Rentals made sure the tenants took excellent care of it.

In 2016, the Bacons moved back to the Fort Leonard Wood area and back into their home. They got to enjoy their house for about a year and half before they left again. This time they decided to sell. They put their house on the market and 11 days later got a full-price offer! And the day has finally come for closing! It is a bittersweet day because we have to goodbye to this wonderful family. Thank you for choosing the Walker Real Estate Experts! We are so glad to have worked with you! Best of luck on your next adventure!